I can do many things for you!


I will take the management of your social networks. I will make photo retouching, content curation and create graphic designs that reflect the identity of your brand or business.

I will answer customer messages for you, respond to comments, organize contests … I will also carry the entire Facebook Ads strategy and Instagram Ads. I will study your audience to get the most out of advertising campaigns.

I will analyze your competition and we will implement an exclusive strategy for you.

Community Manager freelance


If you don’t have photographic material, don’t worry!

I’ll do photo shoots for you and edit the photos for you. I will prepare your gang for Instagram using ranges of colors that fit the identity of your business. I can also take care of designs for stories, banners for other social networks, covers etc.

My services range from creative photography of products to photography for < strong> local , restaurants


If you have a blog on your business website and you have stopped bad thing!

Keeping the content updated helps a lot to positioning on Google.

I will write content for you and leave your blog entries in wordpress ready with photographs and design >. You will only have to approve it and I will publish it. Then I will make sure to give dissemination to these entries to through networks to create traffic to your website.

As Engineer > Agronomist who has trained in sales and marketing has a broad range of knowledge . I write about travel, natural products, science, sports, ecology, nature, nutrition, health, beauty and much more.

I will write about what you want and always with an eye on SEO!

Community Manager freelance

My services can be contracted separately or together. Tell me a little about your project and I will develop a plan for you.